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Revolutionising the management of expense reports

One picture and the app does the rest!
An ultra-customisable, state-of-the-art software solution, Vertical Expense™ offers an intuitive, 100% digital and tailored experience to all private and public sector organisations. Entering and managing expense reports is finally easy and fast, on mobile and PC, without the need for a paper trail. Opt for peace of mind!

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Simplicity for you and your
employees in 4 steps

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application notes de frais - vertical expense
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1. I take a picture of my receipts

Adding a receipt automatically creates your expenses, whether it is a photo, an image or a pdf imported from your device. You can also forward received emails, the app does the rest!

2. I submit my expense reports for validation

Complete your expenses with your comments, your mileage, your flat rate expenses. Then at your own pace, send your expense reports for validation. Depending on the context (training, travel, mission order, etc.), the right contact person will be reached.

3. I am reimbursed

As the rules that concern you are automatically integrated, your expense report is already accurate! The validation steps have been quickly carried out, you are reimbursed and notified in real time.

4. Payment and accounting are automatic

On the back office side, nothing could be more practical: payroll and accounting are automatic and scheduled, and all data are accessible, exportable and displayed into your customised dashboards.


Vertical Expense takes care of your expense reports from start fo finish

Whether you are an agent / employee, manager, HR manager accounting/finance manager, back office or IT administrator, rest assured, Vertical Expense thought about you to make your life easier on all matters related to expense reports

  • Expense reports & expense statements
  • Prior mission orders
  • Automated expense advances
  • Personal vehicle management with validation process
  • Reservation of fleet vehicles
  • Bank account change (IBAN)
  • Mobile payment
  • All types of expenses: lump sums, perdiem, mileage expenses, actual expenses
  • Exception management
  • Real time alerts
  • Advanced controls and VAT recovery
  • Automatic recognition of multilingual characters (OCR) on receipts and vehicle registration cards
  • Fast capture (1 second)
  • Partner invoices Orange, SNCF, Vinci…
  • Favorites
  • Multi-page receipts
  • Unlimited validation circuits
  • Multi-entity and multi-convention
  • Multi-country and multi-currency
  • Multi-axis analytical reporting
  • Interoperability and universal API
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Whatever your sector,
we have the solution

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Territorial Public Service: travel expenses at the service of digital transformation

Find out how Vertical Expense addresses public sector use cases, from mission orders to expense reports archiving in compliance with the Ministry of Finance, multiple scales and hierarchical validation circuits by local authority.

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Powerful integration into the digital Workplace

Focus on an ambition to showcase innovation, with expense reports integrated within the employee portal

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A quick win on expenses in the context of an HRIS overhaul and and a merger of entities

Expense reports with Vertical Expense, an example of a smooth deployment within a complex global IT project. Focus on the ability to address distinct populations of employees and elected officials.

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Reliability and local support for maximum satisfaction of players in the field

Vertical Expense, the trusted HR partner for employees which are unaccustomed to digital technology, without access to the workstation on site.

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The press and expense reports, respecting specificities

How mobility and innovation can be supported and made easier with a tailor-made solution for travel expenses meant for all Group companies.

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With Vertical Expense, opt for serenity
Entrust us with your expense reports!