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Efficiently manage your financial data for greater profitability

Use the information collected to optimise your cash flow management and manage all sources of professional expenditure across all your entities.

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Adopt a global and controlled view of business expenses

Access real control tools and interactive BI reports to take an in-depth look at your company’s business expenditure trends.

Multi-dimensional analytical reporting

Summarised dashboards

Centralised budget management

Access multi-analytic data consolidation

Analyses easily integrated into your accounts

Give your accounting teams a real-time view of cash flows and facilitate their work with FEC exports based on the analytical axes required by :

Manage budgets effectively with intelligent reporting tools

A complete, refined, real-time view of business expenses

Create reports that match your company’s global strategy:

Keep control of your expenses

Thanks to our advanced features, including in-depth analysis tools, you can effectively monitor, evaluate and control all your company’s expenditure.

Quickly identify areas of excess cost and make informed decisions to optimise your resources and maintain a balanced budget.

With Vertical Expense, controlling your spending becomes a simple and powerful strategy for ensuring the financial health of your business.

Carbon Reporting

Make the most of your climate commitment

Export your results in just a few clicks to facilitate your transparency initiatives and enhance your extra-financial reporting.

"The team in charge of reimbursements was scanning 10,000 expense claims a year. They will now be able to devote themselves to higher value-added tasks and provide better support to our users. The tool is really easy to use and very intuitive."

Optimise your financial management

Opt for peace of mind!

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