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How can you turn expense reports into a CSR pillar ?

Adopting a CSR policy within a company can quickly become a headache when it comes to combining economic imperatives with the interests of employees. However, there is one subject that brings all the stakeholders together and which, if properly managed, can become a real pillar of your CSR approach: expense management.

Read our guide to transforming your business expenses into an integrated CSR management centre using digital solutions.

In this ebook, you will find :

Expense reports
and QWL

Digital tools have become a means of socialising, so that employees remain fulfilled within the organisation. It's also a way of breaking down organisational silos and promoting more transparent access to information.

Expense reports and Employer Brand

A company's level of digitalisation is an essential criterion for attracting candidates and retaining employees. By 2030, 72% of the working population will be made up of millennials, a generation accustomed to using digital solutions in their working environment.

Expense reports and carbon footprint

Digital technology makes it possible to design systems that improve the management of energy, resources and mobility. The arrival of business software therefore affects the entire value chain by dematerialising the paper process.

About Vertical Expense

Vertical Expense is a digital expense management solution dedicated to companies and public administrations.

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