Expense report software

The Power of Vertical Expense for simplified expense management

Our expense management software is specially designed to meet the complex needs of large companies and public authorities. It enables you to manage reimbursement processes efficiently while ensuring full compliance with your spending policy.

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Expense report software

How does it work ?

Easy creation & submission

Employees submit their expense claims in just a few clicks, attaching their scanned receipts via the application. Our OCR system extracts and integrates all the important information from your expenses in just one click.

Customised validation circuit

Define approval workflows based on your internal organisation. Managers receive notifications to review and approve requests.

Payment & Automated Processing

Approved claims are automatically processed for reimbursement, with flexible payment options for employees.

And what about the back office ?

Formalise and integrate your spending policy easily

Tailor-made rules and caps

Vertical Expense offers a complete configuration framework with advanced expense audit workflows.

Thanks to fine-tuned integration of rules and spending limits, the solution guarantees a high level of internal and external compliance.

Reduce the risk of errors and improve compliance with rules

Take a step towards more reliable and compliant management with our dedicated solution :

Our advanced features help you to identify and correct potential inconsistencies, ensuring greater compliance with the rules in force.

Dematerialise all expense receipts

Say goodbye to paper ! Expense claims, receipts and supporting documents can now be processed completely electronically.

All business expenses are digitised and stored in a digital ‘safe’ to help you manage costs more effectively and save time on expense management.

Supporting documents are archived for a legal period of between 6 and 10 years, ensuring compliance with current legislation. 

The new management of expense reports

Why choose Vertical Expense ?

Optimum efficiency

Vertical Expense automates every stage of expense claim management, from submission and approval to final reimbursement.