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Our goal: to bring you simplicity on a complex process

  1. Save time, reduce administration

    Refocus your teams on their core business by simplifying administrative processes. 2 hours/week on expense reports represents 5% of working time!
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  2. Eliminate the paper path, go 100% digital

    Bring the digital transformation to your employees by offering them a 100% digital solution and a unique experience. Archive with our digital cabinets with probative value.
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  3. Automate management controls

    Bring rigour, serenity and productivity by dividing by a factor of 5 with automated rules for 100% of your management cases.
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  4. Control your expenses over all entities

    Control your expenses by securing your expense report processes from declaration to payment.
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  5. Tailor our solution to your needs, demand excellence

    Customised experience down to the individual. Vertical Expense adapts itself by customer, entity, populations… You don’t have to fit into boxes and bend yourself to the tool, it’s Vertical Expense that follows you.
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  6. Build employee loyalty, give them the best

    Strengthen the pride and loyalty of your employees. With the same attention you have towards your customers, give your employees a state-of-the-art solution that is easy and intuitive.
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Why choose
Vertical Expense?

Save time, lighten the administrative load

Refocus your teams
on their core business

It's possible to make your expense reports in 5 minutes per month!

  • OCR and automatic filling, on expenses and car registration
  • Display of authorized expenses types according to the person
  • Favorite expenses
  • Add similar expenses in 1 click (Copy and paste and multiple duplications)
  • Immediate calculation of the amount to be received
  • Guided path
  • Agenda view to check at a glance
  • Instant chat with support

Eliminate the paper path

A picture and the app does the rest!

  • Adding a receipt automatically creates your expenses, whether it is a photo, an image or a pdf imported from your device. You can also forward received emails, the app does the rest!
  • Complete your expenses with your comments, your mileage, your flat rate expenses. Then at your own pace, send your expense reports for validation. Depending on the context (training, travel, mission order, etc.), the right contact person will be reached.
  • As the rules that concern you are automatically integrated, your expense report is already accurate! The validation steps have been quickly carried out, you are reimbursed and notified in real time.
  • On the back office side, nothing could be more practical: payroll and accounting are automatic and scheduled, and all data are accessible, exportable and displayed into your customised dashboards.

Automate management controls

The expense report reaches
validation, it is already accurate

  • Alerts on duplicate expenses and receipts
  • Cross-reference with Working Time, Holidays, Training, Microsoft 365 calendar
  • Unitary controls by person, transversal and with guests
  • Tailored validation circuits for expenses, missions, vehicles, RIBs
  • Alerts on overspend

Manage expenses

Smooth accounting and financial management

  • Complete management of VAT (details, multiple rates, etc.)
  • Ad hoc and consolidated reporting
  • Automated sending in accounting and payroll, with shares subject to contribution
  • Budget tracking
  • Automatic management of advances
  • Management of project attribution
  • Multi-currency
  • Mass actions to trigger payment and accounting
  • Multi-axis analytical reporting
  • 100% of back office functions on web and mobile

Adapt our solution to your needs

Tailor-made according to your policies

  • Mission orders and travel authorisations
  • Detailed management of rules and scales by entity
  • Contextualised online help
  • Delegation of data entry and validation
  • Multi-entity management in a single application
  • Customised notifications
  • Integrated with HR and Financial Information Systems (API)
  • Queries, filters and exports on the entire data
  • Insertion into your intranet

Full scope

Vertical Expense takes care of your expense reports from start to finish

  • Expense reports & expense statements
  • Advance mission orders
  • Automated expense advances
  • Personal vehicle management with validation process
  • Reservation of fleet vehicles
  • Bank account change (IBAN)
  • Mobile payment
  • All types of expenses: lump sums, perdiem, mileage expenses, actual expenses
  • Exception management
  • Real time alerts
  • Advanced controls and VAT recovery
  • Automatic recognition of multilingual characters (OCR) on receipts and vehicle registration cards
  • Fast capture (1 second)
  • Partner invoices Orange, SNCF, Vinci…
  • Favorites
  • Multi-page receipts
  • Unlimited validation circuits
  • Multi-entity and multi-convention
  • Multi-country and multi-currency
  • Multi-axis analytical reporting
  • Interoperability and universal API

A completely dematerialised process,
regardless of the media,
no more paper printouts